Fitzwilliam Museum / Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RB /

Head of Dacian (Pileatus) nr. inv. GR. 12.1850

Place of discovery: presented by Dr.J.Disney. Purchased in Italy (?) by mid-century XVIII.

Material: alabaster with strands.

Dimensions: height 0, 296 m

State of preservation: the sculpture is very well preserved, except for a damaged area on the back, at the base of the neck. The overall area is well processed.

Date: eighteen century (probably early XVIIIth century.). The sculpture is of an excellent quality, but its sculptor was probably so influenced by the originals from the time of Trajan that the date of accomplishment of this work is difficult to be determined. A modern head very similar to that presented is currently in Boston. This statue preserved in Boston is in red porphyry.