Dunham Massy / Altrincham, WA14 4SJ / nationaltrust.org.uk

Dunham Massy (Altrincham, Cheshire), Dacian

Place of Discovery: Unknown.

Material: body of giallo antico, head and hands in white marble.

Dimensions: overall height 0.68 m.

Conservation status: pretty good. Head and hands, in white marble, are modern. The rest is ancient. The points of a few fingers on his left hand are missing.

Date: before 1769 according to Rolf Michael Schneider (Bunte Barbaren. Orientalenstatuen aus der farbingem Marmor in römischen Repräsentationskunst, Worms, 1986, p 220, no. BS 5). According to the letter of I. Hillers (cf. RM Schneider, p 220), dated 02.03.1982, addressed to Miss Cousens, of the National Trust, this statue would be mentioned (together with the previous one) in an inventory of the year 1769 of Dunham Massey collection.

Typology: Barbarian, modern head of a Dacian (Darkerkopf, cf. R.M. Schneider, Bunte Barbaren. Orientalenstatuen aus farbingem Marmor in der römischen Repräsentationskunst, Worms, 1986,p.220,BS5).